Professional Quality of Life Measure

Authors : Patti Schank

This assessment can be used to establish a baseline and determine if school staff are experiencing compassion fatigue. View Resource Organization:

An Action Agenda for Addressing Trauma

Authors : Patti Schank

A big-picture vision of success for addressing trauma, and specific action steps for how this vision can be achieved.

Using Data to Support Students Experiencing Trauma

Authors : Patti Schank

Educators and support staff at all levels can explore and use data to support students experiencing trauma.

Selecting the Right Interventions to Support Students’ Mental Health Needs

Authors : Kate Borelli

This resource provides key questions to ask when considering and selecting programs with specific decision-support tools.

School Mental Health Screening Playbook: Best Practices and Tips from the Field

Authors : Patti Schank

This resource from the Center for School Mental Health provides advice and tools for screening in your school mental health system, including ideas for building buy-in, obtaining consent, or choosing an appropriate screener. View Resource

Review of Trauma Screening Tools for Children and Adolescents

Authors : Patti Schank

This document describes eleven screening tools designed to provide information about trauma in children and adolescents. The descriptions review their intended purposes, administration formats, administration requirements, age ranges, samples on which they have been validated, and available evidence of their psychometric reliability and validity. View Resource Organization: University of Massachusetts Medical School

Trauma-Informed Screening and Assessment

Authors : Patti Schank

This webpage provides information and resources about trauma-informed screening and assessment, including the types of tools that are available and strategies for engaging families, as well as considerations for implementation. View Resource Organization: National Child Traumatic Stress Network