Systems and policies

Addressing Trauma in Educational Settings

Authors : Patti Schank

This series of three modules shares research, resources, and strategies to support students and educators in the context of trauma. View Resource Organization: Regional Educational Laboratory Appalachia

An Action Agenda for Addressing Trauma

Authors : Patti Schank

A big-picture vision of success for addressing trauma, and specific action steps for how this vision can be achieved.

Creating Trauma-Informed Policies: A Practice Guide for School and Mental Health Leadership

Authors : Patti Schank

This resource provides a deep dive into developing, implementing, and evaluating trauma-informed and compassionate school policies. It highlights four “choice points” for education and mental health leadership: Names & Definitions; Platforms & Levers, Approach, and Match Process to Product. View Resource Organization: Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network

Helping Traumatized Children Learn: Creating and Advocating for Trauma-Sensitive Schools (Volume 2)

Authors : Yunsoo Park

This series of two reports summarizes research on the impact trauma from exposure to violence can have on children’s learning, behavior and relationships in school, offers a framework can help educators create trauma-sensitive learning environments; and provides a process and tools for creating trauma-sensitive schools. View Resource Organization: Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative

Policy and Practice for Trauma-Informed Schools

Authors : Patti Schank

This brief describes components of a trauma-informed schools, as well as specific strategies organized through the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Framework. View Resource Organization: National Association of State Boards of Education

Responding to Trauma through Policies that Create Supportive Learning Environments

Authors : Patti Schank

This brief introduces a Trauma-Informed Policy Framework to Create Supportive Learning Environments to help state officials create supportive learning environments that meet the needs of students with a history of traumatic experiences and ensure that all students succeed in school. A supportive learning environment is a school that provides a safe and positive school culture … Continue reading Responding to Trauma through Policies that Create Supportive Learning Environments

Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Brief Tips and Policy Recommendations

Authors : Patti Schank

This brief provides tips and policy recommendations for implementing trauma-sensitive schools, including a discussion of the role of school psychologists in supporting trauma-sensitive schools, and opportunities to advance trauma-sensitive schools in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). View Resource Organization: National Association of School Psychologists