Trauma-informed approaches

Virtual Preventative Strategies to Support Students Social Emotional and Mental Health Needs

Authors : Kate Borelli

This resource presents everyday preventative strategies that educators can implement in virtual settings to support students’ social-emotional and mental health needs associated with trauma.

Helping Traumatized Children Learn: Creating and Advocating for Trauma-Sensitive Schools (Volume 2)

Authors : Yunsoo Park

This series of two reports summarizes research on the impact trauma from exposure to violence can have on children’s learning, behavior and relationships in school, offers a framework can help educators create trauma-sensitive learning environments; and provides a process and tools for creating trauma-sensitive schools. View Resource Organization: Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative

Policy and Practice for Trauma-Informed Schools

Authors : Patti Schank

This brief describes components of a trauma-informed schools, as well as specific strategies organized through the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Framework. View Resource Organization: National Association of State Boards of Education

Responding to Trauma through Policies that Create Supportive Learning Environments

Authors : Patti Schank

This brief introduces a Trauma-Informed Policy Framework to Create Supportive Learning Environments to help state officials create supportive learning environments that meet the needs of students with a history of traumatic experiences and ensure that all students succeed in school. A supportive learning environment is a school that provides a safe and positive school culture … Continue reading Responding to Trauma through Policies that Create Supportive Learning Environments

Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Brief Tips and Policy Recommendations

Authors : Patti Schank

This brief provides tips and policy recommendations for implementing trauma-sensitive schools, including a discussion of the role of school psychologists in supporting trauma-sensitive schools, and opportunities to advance trauma-sensitive schools in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). View Resource Organization: National Association of School Psychologists

A Toolkit for Connecting Social-Emotional and Mental Health Supports to the Opioid Epidemic

Authors : Patti Schank

This toolkit from the West Virginia Department of Education provides guidance for educators, students, families, and community providers to support the mental and social-emotional well-being of students in West Virginia in the context of the opioid epidemic. View Resource Organizations: West Virginia Department of Education and West Virginia Behavior/Mental Health Technical Assistance Center

Trauma-Sensitive Schools Training Package

Authors : Patti Schank

This training package offers a framework and roadmap for adopting a trauma-sensitive approach school- or district-wide. It includes resources for training school staff and leading a trauma-sensitive school. View Resource Organization: National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments

Wisconsin’s Trauma Sensitive Schools Online Professional Development System

Authors : Patti Schank

This online learning system is designed to support schools in creating a trauma sensitive school in the context of a tiered system of supports. The learning modules provide foundational knowledge and skills, training on trauma-informed strategies and practices, and systems and policy considerations for supporting implementation. The online learning system also includes supplemental readings and … Continue reading Wisconsin’s Trauma Sensitive Schools Online Professional Development System

Creating, Supporting, and Sustaining Trauma-Informed Schools: A System Framework

Authors : Patti Schank

This resource presents a tiered approach to creating a trauma-informed school environment that addresses the needs of all students, staff, administrators, and families who might be at risk for experiencing the symptoms of traumatic stress. Organization: National Child Traumatic Stress Network View Resource